About the Inclusive Synod
Election Campaign

The Inclusive Synod Election Campaign is being organised by and represents the broad mainstream of the Church, those who want our national Church to be for everyone, regardless of gender, age, disability, tradition, ethnicity, socio-economic situation or sexuality.

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The Church of England is at an important point in its history. Against a backdrop of falling participation the Church faces significant questions about how it engages with those it is called to serve.

Fully integrating women’s ministry into the life of the Church, the full inclusion and equality of LGBT+ Christians, responding to environmental concerns, reforming church structures and bureaucracy, being a broad church for everyone in society – how Synod addresses these questions will shape the Church’s future. Conservative groups in the Church, who opposed women becoming bishops and do not want equality for LGBT+ Christians, are organising to maximise their influence in these debates. If the broad mainstream of open, forward looking, inclusive Anglicanism is not fairly represented in General Synod we will face more delay and obstruction to becoming a welcoming Church for all.

The project is supported by organisations and individuals from across the full breadth of traditions in the church - evangelical, catholic, liberal.  Supporting organisations include Inclusive Church, Women and the Church (WATCH), OneBodyOneFaith, Ozanne Foundation, Affirming Catholicism, Accepting Evangelicals, Modern Church, the Society of Catholic Priests, the Campaign for Equal Marriage in the C of E, the Progressive Christianity Network, the Open Table Network, Movement of Supporting Anglicans for an Inclusive Church (MOSAIC) and Thinking Anglicans.

We are working across the whole of the Church and not just promoting one narrow factional interest.  Our uniting aim is to ensure that the strong inclusive voice in the Church of England is adequately represented in the next term of the General Synod, and we are supporting candidates who share these values.